Our product is selling delicious pita wraps and shawarma rice.  Shawarma is a grilled beef sliced thinly and wrap with a special pita bread with fresh vegetables and delicious sauces.  It is also good to served with shawarma or kebab rice.  Our prices is affordable but maintained a quality taste for all types of market.

Pitalicous is more tasty and juicy, we are complete from manufacturing our own foodcarts, we have our own commissary.


  • Pita Bread
  • Beef Production
  • Sauces Production


Package A

Kiosks Set up Foodcart with enclosure and side table with chest type freezer.

Package B

High end Food Cart with stainless table top.

Size: 5ft x 2ft x 6ft
Free: 10,000 initial stocks

Package C

High end Food cart with Vinyl table top.

Size: 5ft x 2 ft x 6ft
Free: 5,000 initial stocks

Package D

Standard. Good for road side.

Size: 4ft x 2ft x 6ft

We also customized packages.

Package Inclusions

Food Cart (* Red or Black Version)

Good for indoor
✓ Signages
✓ Menu board
✓ Tempered Glass
✓ Wheels
✓ Cabinet
✓ Cash drawer
✓ Sturdy and heavy duty
✓ Good electrical wirings
✓ Mall Standard
✓ Gas or electric Machine griller
✓ Capacity: 5kilos up to 30kilos
✓ Knives
✓ Food tong
✓ Squeeze bottles
✓ Chopping board
✓ Uniform set
✓ Initial Stocks
✓ Trainings @ Pitalicious Franchising Corporation
✓ Opening Assistance